Top Best Blogger Templates for Fastest Adsense Approval (Free Blogger themes 2019)

we all know Google AdSense is not an easy getting Stuff, Our blog have to cross some quality needs before getting approved. As not to go far, there are some other blogs that generate high Traffic to their blog but google AdSense can't accept their blog when ever they apply they get a disapproval Mail to their mail inbox. So this to tell you that google AdSense is not dealing with traffic but your blog need to cross some quality needs. Blogger Templates are Very Important if you are looking for AdSense approval for your blog, Because Google Look at how your Blog is Design? is it Mobile Friendly? Easy To Nevigate? Is It Fast Loading? Is it PC Friendly? and in fact User Friendly and Finally how quality your contents are?.
when You cross all this successful, I am telling you no way Google AdSense can reject your application.
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How To Highly Compress Big File To Smaller Size (Compress 1gb Files To 1mb)

Here is another great tutorial from Droidmod Team, if you have been looking for this tutorial for a while, tho not to worry anymore because solution have come to your problem.
In nut shell Compression can stand as bringing some files together to form one and in the other hand it is use as to save some space on your device.

There are instances when your memory card, USB flash drives or hard drives run out of memory. Many a times, we find it difficult to share data or files due to shortage of storage memory but no need to worry More, Solution is here.

WHAT IS COMPRESSION OF A FILE ? Compressing is an art of reducing the size of a file without corrupting a single constituent system files. Though there are lots of software available on internet that can compress files and reduces its size, but the efficiency is comparatively low.
Any file that contains one or more files or directory that is smaller than their original file size is known as a compressed file. Most common format of compressed…

Top 10 Best Premium Look Templates (Best Wordpress Themes Alternative) For Blogger Blog Free Download 2019

Finally We are in 2019, Hope this year will be a shining year to all bloggers in the world.
Blogging is an easy and a hard way of making money online, as we all bloggers know, AdSense is the best way to earn with blogging, as its not easy to do so also, but hard working bloggers have been earning billions of money with bloggers, while some still try their best to see they make it happen and its not yet their time.

Today we will look at the best Blogger Template / theme to use On your blog for getting good result 2019, Blogger Template (theme) also Contribute its own when coming to success in blogging, because All trend bloggers and Making bloggers (Those that are making Money with blogging Today), Have good Blog/website Design, clean Navigation and Good Contents on their Blog. I know you maybe looking/searching for the best Templates for Blogger Blog?
Easy AdSense Approved Blogger Template For Blogger blog?
I know you don't find suitable that suite your need that's why you are …

iLauncher Apk For Android [Latest] Free Download 2019

iLauncher APK – Today we are going to see a great Android app that have great functions and features. This great App can Change your Android Looks to iOS and it gives you a feeling that you are using IOS 11 on your Android device. Enjoy using the latest new 2019 version of ilauncher APK for your android mobile and tablets.
Also Read: Bet9ja Mobile App Apk Download (Official) This app functions by providing you with great experience and gives you looks like you are using an iPhone by providing you with the full IOS 11 experience. If you are a Fan of an iPhone but for some reasons you are using Android you don’t need to worry Anymore. iLauncher APK for Android gives you the option to totally change your Android experience into an IOS like experience by just changing your phone launcher from Android to iLauncher.

Features of iLauncher APK 

iLauncher is filled with great features and functions that are unique. Here is the overview:
It will change the look of your phone from Android to OS 11.…

What is Bitcoin wallet address? And Anything You Need To Know

Here is another day for Beginners, every begginer most think about this. finally you here, and netview Team will clear your doubts. Bitcoin Wallet is served like digital bank account. because you use your personal bitcoin address to received a bitcoin from other people, which served like a bank account. you are to manage your bitcoin safely, because wrong bitcoin address can lead you to lost your money. Bitcoin are of easy to get now with help of Faucets or to buy with money. What make its unique is that you are responsible for managing your bitcoins as you want your self. that's, you are your own bank or to say bank of your self, your transactions are on you!

What is a bitcoin wallet?

A bitcoin address is combination of numerics and alphabets characters, which its represent as your wallet payments destination. Bitcoin wallet address start from 26-35 characters, your bitcoin address can be generated with no cost. as far as you open or create a bitcoin wallet, your bitcoin address …

Top 5 Best Bitcoin Wallet Apps For iPhone, iOS & iPad

In this post, we will look out the best Bitcoin wallet apps for ios, iphone & iPad users. which I will like to list my top 5 best Wallet apps which you can save your Bitcoin and other assets using your ios devices. today in the new or future technology, crytocurrency is becoming boom. Crytocurrency is the most easiest way to send/received, Transactions are made easily with way. you can received and send them in any where and finally exchange them to your local currency, you can see is the easiest to transact from different country.

And All of this wallet to be listed, come with unique features, abilities and design, so just have a look on which one to download from our top list.

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the Crytocurrencies are normally fluctuating from high prices to low prices, analyst has predicted for higher price in the future.
if you a Crytocurrencie enthusiasts, you just feel to join the Cryto world. having a Bitcoin wall…

CoinPot( Microwallet Review And Anything You Need To Know

Here is another great review from netview Team, About As the Cryto Enthusiasts knows, which may not be known by cryto beginners. finally we will clear your doubts, Everyone is welcomed here. is a microwallet that was launched in July 2017 which service as some faucets wallet, which is designed to help store many of the larger cryptocurrencies, Coinpot Support some crytocurrencie like of BitcoinLitecoin, dogecoin, dashcoin and Bitcoin cash. 

What Is A Coinpot Wallet Microwallet? is a crytocurrency micro wallet, which allow you to save some of crytocurrency supported in it. This wallet also Served as a converter, which allows you to convert between those crytocurrencies that are inside the wallet for free (0% charged)

Coinpot Payments or Withdrawal To Your Wallet ( How Its Works) ?

Coinpot is not an instant withdrawal to your wallet, when withdrawing any crytocurrency from Coinpot wallet to your any other wallet its can take some hours before its reflect…